<a href="http://kitcarcentral.com/rowley_gtc/"><b>Rowley GTC!</b></a><p>A $70k Daytona replica made in the USA</p> <a href="http://kitcarcentral.com/porsche-550-spyder-reborn/"><b>Porsche 550 Spyder Reborn</b></a><p></p> <a href="http://kitcarcentral.com/car-kit-maker-lamborghini-replica/"><b>Car Kit Maker Lamborghini Replica</b></a><p></p>

Welcome to the web's newest Kit Car website. We got tired of looking for a website that listed all kit car makers in the US and around the world so we started KitCarCentral.com!

Ferrari Replicas


There are literally dozens of Ferrari replica car builders in the US. We hope to feature all of them here!

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Porsche Replicas


Ever dream of owning a classic Porsche? Some of the most accurate replicas out there are of old Porsches.

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Lamborghini Replicas


The embodiment of EXOTIC, Lamborghinis have been replicated by several builders.

Cobra Replicas


The iconic AC Cobra has been recreated multiple times and kits and there are tons of affordable copies.

Bugatti Replicas


Ever dream of owning a classic Bugatti Type 37? What about a new Veyron?

Unique Creations


Some kit cars are not replicas at all! Instead, they are unique performance exotics that you can build yourself!

Kits for sale

Get information on kits that you can build yourself.

Turnkey kits for sale

Find out about new cars you can order from builders

Used kit cars for sale

There are thousands of used kit cars out there you pick up for bargain prices!